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Film funding through eBay…

Financing a feature film can be a complex and expensive business, and most talented film directors never get a chance to make a full-length feature film because of lack of finance. But with her ‘can-do’ attitude, resourcefulness and determination, Fiona Maher has made a film on a micro-budget, raising cash from a variety of sources, […]

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The Price of a Bed

Would you pay 50,620 Euros for a bed? (That’s over £40,000 GBP, about $78,000 USD) Probably not. But apparently some people do. Why? What’s going on here? I’m fascinated by pricing strategies and run workshops for creative businesses on the subject. There are different ways to decide on your pricing strategy and I’ll be writing […]

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Managing Cash Flow and Fixed Costs

One of the biggest challenges for creative businesses, especially fast-growing enterprises, is the management of cash flow. When businesses fail, it’s frequently because of a cash flow crisis rather than lack of profitability. The gap between cash outflows and cash inflows becomes too big and they run out of cash. An unprofitable business will inevitably […]

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